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This page is to capture thoughts around best practices with the Libre Puro License if such a license existed. It does not require attribution, and requires derived works to be released under a license which perpetuates the four freedoms derived from those of free software.

The Libre Puro Licence decouples abuses of data, information and knowledge from the act of making a copy.


New resources

When releasing your own work under the Libre Puro License, assert that you are the copyright owner and that the resource may be used according to the terms of the Libre Puro License.

Derived works and mixes

Attribute where appropriate

Where appropriate (e.g. in an academic context), acknowledge sources as one normally would (even if the sources are in the public domain).

If you decide to mix a Libre Puro resource with other libre resources which require attribution, then remember to comply with the conditions of the license for the derived work. If it requires attribution, remember to attribute the components which also require attribution, and acknowledge the (potentially modified) Libre Puro resources by indicating that the work incorporates libre puro components and provide the URLs and other attribution details where possible and appropriate.

Social attribution: some Libre Puro resources might not acknowledge sources. The most common reasons are that they were developed in a context which did not require attribution (e.g. kids mixing resources for fun and sharing them with their friends), or the author(s) did not want to be acknowledged. In such cases, indicate "authors unknown" and provide a facility for these authors to identify themselves if they so wish. This may be done, for example, via an e-mail link along the lines "e-mail me if you would like to be acknowledged for your work incorporated and adapted here", or by setting up a service for "social attribution" followed by a verification process. Such a service would allow people who spot re-use of Libre Puro work to provide a link to the original which includes the copyright notice and a Libre Puro License indicator.

Before actually providing newly discovered attribution details, check whether the contributors actually want to be publicly acknowledged. Remember that they originally released these resources under the Libre Puro License which does not require attribution. Respect their wishes. The intent is to enhance the spirit of collaboration and appreciation of the efforts of contributors.

Where appropriate, indicate in what ways you have modified a work. For example, doing so might help readers (etc.) decide whether or not to go back to the original or an earlier version.

Commercial Use

Consider the original authors/ contributors (if known) and whether they are worthy of any financial returns. It may be courteous to ask permission to use a resource commercially, even though the Libre Puro License does not require this.

If you generate income by selling libre resources, consider offering some proportion of the profits to significant contributors.

Fair Use

Fair use ... Fair dealing .... In general, whether a resource is libre or not, be fair in your use and re-use of it.


Where time and resources permit, take the trouble to make a resource accessible to people with different abilities.

The license permits anyone to offer the service (professionally or voluntarily) of rendering libre resources accessible.