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Portfolio Activity

Write your own job description

Using these guidelines:

1. Provide a brief commentary on each aspect of your current work roles and activities. Include a short description of each task and its relative importance within the whole job. Concentrate on the knowledge and skills which are required to do each task.

2. Add functions and activities not covered in any official job description.

3. Give brief details (date, duration, subject) of courses/training programmes you have taken in relation to your job (do not go back beyond five years, since the task of writing your job description is to give a picture of your current activities). These courses might have been formal and have credit attached, or informal and not assessed. No matter what form they took they are places that contributed to your current understandings and so it is worthwhile listing these.

It may be useful to provide a chart showing your position on it (use job titles only).

4. Give an idea of the scale of your responsibility, for example, the number of people you are responsible, courses you run, students you teach, learners you support, the value of any resources you control if this is important. You could try imagining a worst case scenario, then describing what consequences you would be responsible for, to help you identify the extent of your influence and responsibility.

Through reviewing or developing your CV and then thinking about your role descriptors many of the skills and knowledge you use on a daily basis will have been identified, and many of the contexts in which you work made explicit. This could also trigger areas where you believe your learning focus could be for the balance of your Graduate Diploma.