e-Learning Activity 1

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Gather all you have thought about within this paper.

  • Use the key points found through the previous module as a base for determining a possible structure.
  • Keep in mind the learning outcomes from the papers you are choosing to be assessed against.

Here are some questions that will help prompt how you might present the nature of your teaching and learning beliefs, understandings and skills:

  • What is the context of your work?
  • What impacts on your teaching and learning work? What dimensions must you be mindful of and why are these important?
  • What is it you bring to your teaching and learning role?
  • What theory and practice base do you call upon?
  • What is the knowledge that underpins your practice and what are the implications both positive and challenging to using this knowledge?
  • How did you gain these understandings?
  • In what ways has this knowledge been used within your teaching and learning work?
  • What was the impact of these understandings on your practice development?
  • Are the understandings fit for purpose in your professional context?
  • How did you used this knowledge to strengthen or inform your approach to your work?
  • What has been the impact of this knowledge being used, on yourself, your learners, your colleagues?
  • If you were starting again would you come to your practice in the same way, with the same learning, or would you have done something differently?
  • What experiences have contributed (and how) to your understandings and beliefs?
  • What was the contribution of others to your understandings and beliefs?
  • What ethical understandings and practices inform the way you work?
  • How did your learning impact on your own professional identity?