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Developing as a learner

You are encouraged to be self-directed and self-regulated with your learning, developing the traits of an Expert learner. Such learners are considered to have three main characteristics (Wild & Heck, 2011). They are known to:

  • actively engage - participate to develop knowledge and understanding;
  • take responsibility - take charge of learning process;
  • practice self-regulated learning - plan, monitor and evaluate own learning.

As a learner in this course you will also need to be:

  • Experiential - actively involved in the experience and past experiences;
  • Reflective - reflecting on experience in a systematic, structured and critical way - supported by the course facilitator;
  • Committed - studying regularly using an inquiry process of exploring and learning;
  • Open - sharing your learning in a safe and supportive environment and willing to use a range of digital tools and learning methods;
  • Cyclical - involved in a process requiring several iterations, visiting and re-visiting experiences using a variety of methods; and
  • Curious - using inquiry to develop skills for continuous, lifelong learning.

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Explore what it takes to be an expert learner

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