Discussion thread: Thoughts about wikis

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Discussion Thread: Thoughts about wikis

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  • Do you have any concerns about the quality of educational resources developed using an open authoring approach? If so, what are your concerns? If not, how does an open authoring approach contribute to high quality learning materials?
  • In your opinion, should course development for education use closed or open authoring approaches? Give reasons for your view?
  • What mechanisms can be adopted to assure quality of educational content developed in Wiki environments?

The persons developing open educational resources should know their responsibilities. Resource should not be created to propogate hidden agenda. Persons who are interested in developing OER should know their descipline well and at the same time they should be familiar with recent development in science of learning. A care should be taken to avoid duplication of work.

I think that open approach to any course helpes to evolve personalized and customized context for learners. This invits learners to enter into learning with volition. Each learner is thus helped to take responsibility and ownership of her or his leaning.

All persons involved in developing OER should openly discuss the intentions of the tasks. Similarly their is need to develop a list of quality criteria that are not rigid but allow developers to take care of quality.Importance must be given to authentic learning and not for interactivities that can be completed just by cliking.

My Thought about WiKi's

by Chef James
My though about wiki's has been changing over the course of the past several years. I have become more of a wiki enthusiast over the past several weeks. As I see the usefulness of the Wiki as a repository of information that can be shared. As with any open source the information coming out is only as good as the information that goes in. If the content is flawed and inaccurate then in my humble opinion does more harm than good. From the technical viewpoint I have the interest in "How it Works" from the administrators viewpoint I want to insure the material conforms to standards that have been established for that specific wiki. To do this I must understand what those standards are and be able to communicate and educate those standards to others. Personally, I am a huge fan of Open Source Communities!
--Chef James 15:14, 6 June 2010 (UTC) (Comment.gif: Hi James. You are raising a very important point and that is quality control and quality assurance. How can we assure that the content that goes into a wiki is of good quality and accurate. You have made great point that is of concern to many. In WikiEducator is it your WikiNeighbour who looks after this. You as the owner of materials you put out are responsible for its accuracy, but all of us as a community, if we detect inaccuracies, we are obliged, as as a Wiki Family member to ensure that the standards are maintained. In addition, we have administrative working groups that do look after content and any page that does not meet standard criterias will be flagged. Hope this helps a little to get started here. Good to have you with us and I really hope you will not only develop your own Wiki but also use the Culinary Education because you have 14,000 people who are listening right now. I highly recommend you join the main WikiEducator mailing list. See Main WikiEducator page. At the top there is the discussion forum you could join, and this is another platform where you can raise questions, anyone can. Warm wishes --Patricia Schlicht 02:38, 9 June 2010 (UTC))

Cynthia D'Costa opines Wikis foster an open educational ethos that will help enrich the way we learn. Exposure to a wide range of opinions will surely expand the horizons of our thinking. Wiki Contributions will leave the learner with a sense of achievement. Learners will be encouraged to seek responsibility for their work and so the approach turns to be very constructivist. I have enjoyed browsing through various wikis like wikiquotes and wikitionary.
(Comment.gif: Hi Cynthia. You could not be more right. Wikis definitely are enrichments to regular and used way of doing things. For some this needs some getting used to. Once you explore and will naturally find that it could enhance the environment that you are in in so many ways and like so many people before you, you will experience a shift of habits in your brain that will benefit not only your students but also the learning experience of everyone, because it has opened opportunities, never considered before. Welcome again. Warm wishes--Patricia Schlicht 02:38, 9 June 2010 (UTC))

Shijo KD What I like about WikiEducator is its multi interface which allocated space for both beginners as well as experts in this fields to use their creativity and innovative methods to presents themselves. It is also completely customisable which again adds to its benefits. Utilisation of WikiEdu is also of multidimensional. It has wide support for all areas or streams of people, lets us develop networks, sharing of resources, meeting place for people etc are some to mention.  

Sharon Archibald I'm glad you posted the discussion site again as I was having trouble finding it. The link I was following took me to a discussion forum however I couldn't find "us". I have to agree with James. I am always telling my students that Wikipedia is not a valid source as anyone can go in and edit the content. However I am also shifting my opinion as more open concepts are evolving. I have been taking open courses and enjoying the interaction with people from around the world. I am attracted to WikiEducator as a means to share our resources and interact with other educators around the world. And I love the ability this provides all of us. I am often searching for examples, ideas, new approaches, assessments and so on and it's always a concern using what I find on the internet as copyright is something that we need to honour (particularly when this is what we are teaching our students). So to have open sites where it is acceptable and even intended for us to be able to share our resources, it is exciting. And to be able to contribute to the universe is an appealing idea.

Amit Gujar WikiEducator is the most advance way of learning in which any type of student can adjust himself . WikiEducator can easily edit websites  .Peer-production---an increasingly common characteristic of the 21st Century workplace---pairs groups of people together to complete shared assignments or tasks .I love wikieducator because 

i> It  allow groups of students to create shared content from any computer that has an Internet connection, regardless of time or place. Partners can work on projects at times that fit with their personal schedules---and the location of materials is no longer a limiting factor for participation.

ii> Content can be easily and immediately restored.

iii>Wikis are often a natural starting point for teachers interested in digital learning experiences because they are the least intimidating tool to use

Bhagyashree I am from a developing country where the social and political setup is not conducive to students. Students have to face economical and personal responsibilities. In this case the OERs finds as the ANGELS SEND BY GOD. This is what WIKI is for me. About the quality and validity i agree Mr. James and Mr.Sharon. I think the "reward in any respect to the best work" can change the scenario. thank you. --Bhagyashree Borkar 06:13, 11 June 2010 (UTC)

Dixon I am studying in XII standard in Kerala, India. The Government of Kerala has made a policy decision to have School Wikis. I plan to team up with my classmates and make the very first School Wiki for my school. My school is St. Sebastian's High School, Thoppumpady, Cochin 682005, Kerala, India. Luckily, I have a capable wiki user Sebastian Panakal to help me along. I am sure I can lead my school Wiki. Thanks to WE for this wonderful opportunity.