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I am Dixon studying for XII standard in St. Sebastian's Higher Secondary School, Thoppumpady, Cochin 682005. My state is Kerala, in India. I am interested in making a School Wiki Portal for my School. I plan to become a Wiki Buddy with the support of Sebastian Panakal in a face to face workshop. Later, I plan to bring in my classmates and our team will work together to make our School Wiki the very First Wiki in the State of Kerala.

Please support me and pray for my success in this dream.

(Comment.gif: Dear Dixon, Welcome to WikiEducator. I understand your enthusiasm & want to help. Please do the followings:
1. Discuss with your mentor Sebastian Panakal about WE.
2. Do not edit eL4C40 online workshop list of participants table because the workshop started last week & you can
follow if you join now.
3. Register for the next workshop, do not make entries in the tables with participants Lists. Facilitators will do that.
4. Click on the 'Help" on the left of this page, See the Quick Start guide & work till the next workshop starts.
Good Luck & Best Wishes.

--Gita Mathur 06:45, 14 June 2010 (UTC))