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Workshop Dates and Facilitator contacts

The workshop ran for 3 days from 12th- 14th February 2009

Vincent Kizza

Tel: 256-312130
Email: vkizza2001@yahoo.co.uk


The facilitator wishes to express profound appreciation to the following without whom this workshop would not have been possible:-

  • COL for the sponsorship of the workshop.
  • The Principal of Caltec Academy who accepted to host the workshop despite heavy staff duties.

Introduction and Background

This was the 3rd face-to-face L4C workshop in our country Uganda.


The venue of the workshop was Caltec Academy ,Makerere computer lab


In all there were 21 participants ,all of whom except one signed their learning contracts. Of these,7 were females.

Uganda Vincent Kizza Male Gayaza High School Workshop Facilitator vkizza2001@yahoo.co.uk
Uganda Kizito Mugaga Male Caltec Academy Chemistry,Biology Teacher kizitomgaga@gmail.com Signed.
Uganda Grace Mulema Male Caltec Academy Physics and Mathematics teacher wilsnex@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda Andrew Ssemwanga Male Caltec Academy teacher ssembra@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda Lutalo sserunkuuma Male Caltec Academy teacher sblutalo@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda EMMANUEL KIZZA Male Caltec Academy teacher emmakizza@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda Godfrey Sengendo Male Caltec Academy teacher sengendogodfrey@yahoo.co.uk Signed.
Uganda RAYMOND TUMWESIGYE Male Caltec Academy teacher tumwesigye@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda Ben Sempera Male Pioneer cafe Student bssempeera@rocketmail.com Signed.
Uganda Lawrence Kaggwa Male Caltec Academy Teacher lawrencekaggwa@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda Justine Musoke Female Caltec Academy Teacher musokejstn@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda CHRISTINE NAMAGEMBE Female Caltec Academy School ICT cordinator paltinah@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda Grace N Musoke Female Caltec Academy Accountant Signed.
Uganda George Sssebuliba Male Caltec Academy Director of Studies ssebuliba.george075@gmail.com Signed.
Uganda Eva Dora Mukasa Female Caltec Academy English Literature Teacher dnek2002@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda Geofrey Kirabira Male Caltec Academy Teacher Signed.
Uganda James Danga Male St Mary's College Kisubi Teacher danga_james@yahoo.com Signed.
Uganda Bridget Bukenya Female Caltec Academy Teacher bukenyabridget1@gmail.com Signed.
Uganda Margret N Yiga Female Caltec Academy Lganda Laguage Teacher Signed.
Uganda Godfrey Sengendo Male Caltec Academy English Literature Teacher sengendogodfrey@yahoo.co.uk Signed.
Uganda Jimmy Byamukama Male Caltec Academy Economics Teacher Signed.
Uganda Peter Sengendo Male Caltec Academy ICT Teacher Signed.
Uganda Peter Tom Byarugaba Male Caltec Academy Teacher Signed.

Workshop Proceedings

Day 1: Objectives

The objectives of the day were to introduce participants to:-

  • WikiEducator and COL
  • Web 2.0 Technologies
  • Learning contracts
  • Setting up a WE account
  • WikiMedia editing and formatting

Day 1: Proceedings

The day stated a bit late at 9:30am instead of the scheduled 8:00am because of the late reporting of many participants. However the day later picked pace and all planned activities were carried out as per the days time table.

Day 1: Achievements

By the end of the day,participants were able to:-

  • Acquaint themselves with WE and COL
  • Open acounts on WE
  • Sign learning contracts
  • Do basic editing and formatting.

Days 2 and 3: Objectives

The objectives of days 2 and 3 were:-

  • Take stock of acquired skills in Day 1
  • Create and link pages.
  • Insert images and other file types.
  • Colaborative page editing and interactions
  • Some content creation
  • Pedagogical templates
  • Wiki strucures and free content

Days 2 and 3: Proceedings

  • Typically,each of the days started with a 30- min practical session to finish off assignments from previous day.
  • Folowed by a recap of the previous day's work through an out door flash light session

Days 2 and 3: Achievements

Lessons Learnt

  • Late coming can be curbed with mutual agreement with the particpants about time of start and end of workshop
  • Time for acquiring basic computer literacy has to be factored in the planning.
  • A low cost dial-up connection should be put in place as a risk mitagation strategy in case the normal channel is disrupted as is usually the case


  • The workshops can also be take place during term time when the schools are on unlike only in the holidays as previously believed.
  • Editing with open office be encouraged during the workshops CDs with it be distributed other than downloads because bandwidth is small.
  • Meetings for national teams be organised soon to help with technical support and way forward.