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Contact-new.svg Sengendo Godfrey
Employer:Caltec Academy Makerere
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My Profile

Am a Ugandan, born on 15th March 1983. I completed my primary and secondary levels in 1996 and 2002 respectively, after which I joined Makerere University, from where I pursued Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Here, I majored in Animal Science and Production. Am now teaching Agriculture at Caltec Academy Makerere, one of the famous Secondary Schools in Uganda. I welcome any person, organization or company with any kind of job in Agriculture field.

My Interests

  1. Travelling
  2. Watching movies
  3. Music
  4. Swimming

My expectations from the workshop

  • To get more knowledge about WikiEducation
  • To obtain certificate of attendance
  • To be equiped with basic requirements for availing more information to the world, such as laptop.
  • To get further training about this project
  • To be facilitated so that we train more people

Important Tick Borne Diseases in Uganda

East Coast Fever (ECF)

Host Cattle only

Cause Protozoan of the Theiieria ssp, the commonest being Theileria parva

Transmission by brown tick Rhipicephalus appendiculus Important clinical signs

  • Fever, approximately 41 degree centigrade
  • Swollen lymph nodes, particullary below the ears and at shoulder
  • Difficult respiration as the disease progresses
  • Coughing and nosal discharge
  • Loss of appetite
  • Severe weakness sets in and eventually death occurs in 1-2 weeks
  • Loss of appetite


  • Characteristic clinical signs
  • Blood smears for laboratory examination. these reveal protpzoa in blood
  • Lymph node smears. These reveal Theileria shizonts in the lymphocytes.
  • Observe the postmortem lesions.


  1. Practice srtingent tick control
  2. Treat infected animals using parvaquoneand its derivatives
  3. Antibiotics are also given as a supportive therapy.

Red Water (Babesiosis)

My favourite websites

  1. Uganda
  2. Kenya
  3. Help:Contents
  4. Tanzania
  5. Yahoo page
  6. Google page
  7. Daily Monitor

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