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Contact-new.svg sserunkuuma lutalo bbosa
Occupation:statistician,economicist and lecturer
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  • sserunkuuma lutalo bbosa,
  • 30921,
  • kampala,
  • e-mail:
  • +256772651497


*1: Addresses

* i) Official Address

  • Sserunkuuma Lutalo Bbosa
  • P.O.Box 30921,
  • Kampala.
  • +256772651497

ii) Home Address

  • SserunkuumaLutaloBbosa, *Makerere-kikoni
  • +256772398122/0772619823

*2: Bio-Data

  • Name:Sserunkuuma Lutalo Bbosa
  • Date of Birth:21st July 1976
  • Sex: Male
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Nationality:Ugandan

I hold a master of statistics degree of Makerere University. I also acquired a Post graduate diploma of education, and a Bachelor of Science degree (economics/Math).

Currently, Am a systems administrator of Caltec academy Makerere, data analyst but I have also served as a researcher, teacher and a trainer a project coordinator.


My Training, knowledge, skills and experience have equipped me with competences such as: Reporting and writing skills and

  1. research, data analysis and presentation using STATA, SPSS, E-views Epidata
  2. Identifying staff training needs, suitable courses and organizing training for staff
  3. Training skills.
  4. Communication skills
  5. Recruitment and selection
  6. Effective and efficient implementation of approved policies
  7. Critical policy analysis, Monitoring , implementation and evaluation
  8. Quality assurance and implementation


I have a well-enriched experience in collecting, processing, analyzing, storing and dissemination of research findings to stakeholders, coordinating the preparation of work plans, budgets and their appraisal, supervision of staff, Conducting Monitoring and evaluation of policy issues and managing of physical assets. These skills have over time been acquired through working with various organizations which all practically equipped me with knowledge to support my practical skills.


  • 2005-2008 Makerere University Master of statistics
  • 2001-2002: Makerere University Postgraduate Diploma In Education
  • 1998-2001 Makerere University Bachelor Of Science (Economics&Math)
  • 1996-1998 Masaka Ss Uganda Advanced Certificate Of Education
  • 1992-1995 Kyamulibwa Ss Uganda Certificate Of Education
  • 1985-1991 Sala Primary School Primary Leaving Certificate

*6: Core Values

The following values developed over time and which I treasure so much as part of self always support me to efficiently and effectively perform my duties; Team work, Patience ,Transparency, Communication, Reporting and Budgeting

*7: Publication and Other Researches

  • Research Topic

Factors associated with adverse effects of cotrimoxazole prophylaxis among people living with HIV/AIDS (M.stat Thesis 2008)

I have worked on different research projects that have greatly improved my interpersonal, data modeling and analysis skills and among others include the following:

  1. Econometric modeling of factors that influence the tourism demand to South Africa.
  2. Factors affecting the performance of micro links. A case study of the Paso Network Management system (PNMS) of the MTN Uganda.
  3. Factors associated with unemployment in south Africa
  4. Analysis of household consumption expenditure share in South Africa using Seemingly Un-Related Model (SUR).

*8: Working Experience

* 2006-to date: Systems administrator caltec academy Makerere

  1. Making computerized reports for the school.
  2. Backing the accounts department on matters of resource mobilization.
  3. Giving technical advice on viable projects.

Giving advice on procurement process

  1. Supporting the institutions’ development plan

* 2006-2007: Senior Administrative Assistant (planning), Kawaala Orphanage Home

  1. Coordinating the preparation of development plans
  2. Appraising development plans and projects and their implementation.
  3. Coordinating appraisal of work plans and budgets with potential sources of funding identified.
  4. Ensuring the collection, processing ,analyzing , storage and dissemination of data/information to stakeholders for planning purposes.
  5. Maintaining and evaluating the effectiveness of policy and programmes implementation.
  6. Advising the university council on alternative sources of funding.

* 2005-2006-march: data officer Uganda electoral commission

  1. Entering data on voters in various district registers
  2. Updating voters’ registers.
  3. Making reports on the on registers.

* 2001-2002: Classroom teacher in caltec academy Makerere and head of department caltec academy.

  1. Coordinated Training activities in the school.
  2. Handled student’s grievances.
  3. Participated in recruitment and selection exercises of teachers in the math math department
  4. Coordinated staff performance Appraisal Reports.
  5. Assessed and processed students results
  6. Conducted teaching, career guidance.
  7. Imparted morals among students
  8. Helping student teachers on school practice.

* 2002-2004: Research and Product Development Specialist, Mukwano group of Companies.

  1. Conducting research in both qualitative and quantitative areas
  2. Liasing with the sales and promotion team to conduct and
  3. Carrying out feasibility studies on establishing new products and brands.
  4. Preparing weekly progress reports and research findings on customer and brand surveys.
  5. Carry out interviews and conducting GDs of respondents for the research objectives.

* 2005-Todate: Proprietor, Lbs Data Centre

  1. Supervising staff at the centre.
  2. Designing data capturing tools.
  3. Analyzing and presentation of research work.
  4. Training simple computer package to users.
  5. Budgeting, procuring of the centres’ logistics..
  6. Managing staff welfare.

*1996: Presiding Officer, under Interim Electoral Commission

  1. Conducting and supervision of registration of voters in the polling centre.
  2. Training of voters on how to cast their vote.
  3. Training and supervision of polling assistants
  4. Counting, tallying announcing results

* 2004-2005: Coordinator- kawaala Youth Aids project

  1. Mobilizing Youths against the killer disease
  2. Writing Youths projects aimed at assisting orphans as a result of Aids.
  3. Rising awareness of the Aids disease in schools and other educational Institutions.
  4. Participation in the preparation of development and work plans for the project.
  5. Managing of physical assets of the organization.
  6. Participation in the monitoring and evaluation of the project’s programme implementation.

*9 Computer skills

  • i)Microsoft Office Tools
  • Word,
  • Excel,
  • Access,
  • Power Point,
  • Internet,
  • Publisher,
  • Outlook express,
  • Infopath.
  • i)Programming Tools
  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • ii) Data Analysis Tools
  • Stata
  • Spss
  • Epidata
  • E-Views

* 10: Capabilities

A) Language Skills

  1. Luganda *
  2. English *
  3. Runyakitara *
  4. Kishwahili *

11: Extra Curricular & and Hobbies

  • Football
  • Music
  • Avionics
  • adventures

*12: Referees:

  • i) Dr. Jehopio peter,
  • Institute of statistics and applied economics,
  • Makerere University,
  • P.O.Box 7062,
  • Kampala,
  • 0772488849
  • ii) Mr. Sebuliba George William,
  • Registrar,
  • Caltec Academy Makerere,
  • P.O.Box 30921,
  • Kampala,
  • 0752654637
  • iii) Byaruhanga Moses
  • Principal specialist radio enngineer,


  • P.o.Box 24624,
  • kampala
  • +25677212084

My dream projects

(Comment.gif: Could you elaborate more on your "dream project" - specifically what do you want to do? Randy Fisher 19:23, 1 March 2009 (UTC))

  • In uganda we have free primary education in and close to 8 milion children attend school and we also have free secondary education up to form 4 and these are also in 2 millions. i have a dream that i want somebody out there to share and it is that if for example i consider the case of only primary, at the beginning of every term we prepare tree nursury beds and the kids look after them for the three months they are in schools such that at the end of school term they each take home atleast one tree plant it means just in three months close to 7 millions trees will be planted and since we have three terms in a year it means 21 million trees will be planted. This will mean that if this is done every year and perhaps in every country dessertification can be it possible?

Research Paaroject

Am writing my phd synopsis on moral harzads in microfincance banking in developming countries i want to collaborate with people from ldc who can help me access some information? attached

My Interests

  • games
  • adventures
  • making friends
  • fellowship
  • beaching

my favourite links

  1. Uganda
  2. New Vision
  3. Monitor
  4. WBS TV

my sandbox

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