Activities for Day 3

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(Comment.gif: Reminder ~ have you added your name to the Signature Page?. Please do so, so that your Facilitator can give you feedback on your User Page, and you can also network with your peers and learn about their (OER) interests!!)

Add an image

Add a self-portrait (i.e., your picture ~ approx. 300 pixels) to your WE User Page (

Providing Attribution When Obtaining Images

You'll notice in the Flickr Creative Commons page, there are several different databases of images based on which Creative Commons copyright license being used. To keep things simple, I only search in the first database, the Creative Commons Attribution set, or CC By. If you take an image from there it is very important that when you upload it to Wikieducator, you attribute the original author - as per the CC By license requirements. The simplest way to do this is to include the link to the Flickr page from which you took the image. Place that link in the Description box as you upload to Wikieducator. This would be the bare minimum. It is better if you give attribution by name as well. Use the Flickr user's user name. Include these details everywhere you use the image.

As for the There is a vast range of materials there and all of it has a variation of a free license. Be sure to read the licenses of the content you use and obey the requirements. Alot of the content there is to the Public Domain, which you are free to use without needing to give attribution. But always give some sort of reference to where the material is found ~ it's respectful to do so.

Develop Your OER page

Continue building your your OER page

OER Reference

Open Education Resources Handbook for Educators V1.0, by Seth Gurell, Center for Open & Sustainable Learning, at Utah State University, USA. Available in paperback ($19 US, color version $99) or a free download versions.

The OER Handbook is an introductory guide for educators to the Open Education movement. The handbook is arranged along the "OER Lifecycle:" Find, Compose, Adapt, Use and Share. (It was originally developed on WikiEducator.)