Sustaining the Process

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  • Do We Eat Once-And-For-All?
  • How do Communities Maintain Their Facilities? (Flat Rates vs Fees)
  • The Importance of Identifying and Training Leaders
  • Records and handover reports

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Key points

Since the mobilization intervention must be sustained, the cycle must be repeated. When the mobilizer prepares to leave, either the agency must replace with a new mobilizer, or a community member must be recruited and trained by the mobilizer to carry on. (In a few rare cases, another agency will provide a new mobilizer). The mobilizer must refer to her or his journal on which to base a written hand over report.

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Sustaining the Process Module Hub
  • Do We Eat Once-And-For-All?
Sustaining the Cycle Discussion Handout
  • How do Communities Maintain Their Facilities? (Flat Rates vs Fees)
Costs of Maintaining Water Supply Discussion Handout
  • The Importance of Finding Leaders to Carry On
Identifying and Training Leaders Discussion Handout
  • Reporting to Assist in Sustaining
Review Leaving Usable Records
Review Report Writing Discussion Handout

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  • The student will understand the importance of sustaining the intervention beyond a single community project
  • The student will see that if a community cannot maintain its facility, it might as well have not been installed
  • The student will understand the need for finding community leaders to carry on, and how to identify and prepare them to do so
  • The student will know how to take notes from her or his journals and prepare a handover report for the new incoming mobilizer