Introduction to the Empowerment Methodology

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  • The Eight Elements of Community Empowerment
  • Six Dimensions of Culture and Community
  • Sixteen Elements of Strength
  • Avoiding Social Engineering

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Key points

Read the Human Factor paper to get an idea of the empowerment process, including the eight elements of the process, the six dimensions of culture, and the sixteen elements of strength. The rest of the course is based on these things, so they should be read first.

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Resources listed include articles, handouts, course readings/notes, and key word definitions

Article: Bartle, P. The Human Factor and Community Empowerment Review of Human Factor Studies, Vol 14, No 1, Summer 2008
Notes: This published article provides a summary of the Empowerment Methodology, while the following short handouts and key words go into each of the aspects in a little more detail.

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  • The student will become familiar with the essential aspects of the Empowerment Methodology: eight empowerment principles, six dimensions and sixteen elements of strength
  • The student will become prepared for learning the main details of the empowerment methodology

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