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  • know your goals
  • know your target community
  • know the required skills
  • know the fundamental concepts

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Key points
The mobilizer needs to know the goals of mobilization, the characteristics of the target community, the skills needed for mobilization, and the basic concepts in community empowerment

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Getting Prepared Module Hub
  • Know (or Learn) Your Goals and Objectives
Know Your Goals Discussion Handout
  • Know (or Learn) About Your Beneficiaries
Know Your Target Community Discussion Handout
  • Know (or Learn) the Needed Skills
Know the Required Skills Discussion Handout
  • Know (or Learn) the Community Empowerment Concepts
Know the Concepts Discussion Handout

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  • The student will be able to cite the goals of mobilization for empowerment
  • The student will be able to assess the nature and organization of the target communities
  • The student will be able to list the skills needed to mobilize
  • The student will be able to list and define the basic empowerment concepts

Overview of this module

You can use an inexpensive school notebook for your journal

Before you can successfully stimulate self help development in a community, you must prepare yourself.

You must be clear and knowledgeable about:

  • your goals;
  • you must know about your target community;
  • you must have the required skills;
  • you must understand the fundamental concepts of mobilization.

This module informs you of the things that you need to get prepared. Do not assume, however, that you can get prepared "once and for all."

We mobilizers are continually learning more and more about all the things mentioned in this chapter. It is a never ending process, and we will be doomed to failure if we ever think we know it all.

Keeping a journal

Alternatively, keep your personal journal notes in a file

In this course we make extensive use of a personal journal. This will help you in keeping notes for your own community empowerment project and help you keep track of your progress in the course.

The first thing to do now is to start a journal. You can use an inexpensive school notebook or keep your notes in a file. We recommend using four note books and title them:

  1. Goals and Concepts;
  2. The Target Community;
  3. Mobilizing skills; and
  4. A Day-to-Day Journal record.

If you prefer to use a file, create four divider pages for the sections above.

However you choose to organize yourself, it is important to start making notes and records now. We have included a number of "Journal activities" throughout the course materials to signify appropriate points for reflection and note taking in your journal. Write with your replacement in mind as your reader.

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Journal activity

Preparing your journal

Find yourself four notebooks or a file and organise your journal into the four sections listed above.

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