The Mobilization Cycle

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  • The Structure of Intervention
  • Once-And-For-All Invites Failure
  • How to Sustain the Cycle
  • Leaving Usable Records

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Key points

The mobilization intervention has a distinct structure and, when repeated as it should be, can be seen as a "cycle." While its structure is basic, it will be varied according to conditions in the community, and the policies or the agency for whom the mobilizer may work. A single project by itself does not empower a community; like exercise, it needs to be repeated. The intervention should be sustained and continuous and good records and reports can help achieve those objectives.

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Why we describe mobilization as in a cycle?
The Mobilisation Cycle Module Hub
Mobilization Cycle Key Words Entry
  • The Structure of the Intervention
Mobilization Cycle Explicated Discussion Handout
  • Training as mobilization
Training as Mobilization Discussion Handout
  • How to Sustain the Cycle
Sustaining the Intervention Short Module
  • Intervention as a Process
  • Reporting
Leaving Usable Records
Report Writing Discussion Handout

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  • Once-And-For-All Invites Failure
Think about it
Student Generated Discussion

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  • The student will understand the mobilization intervention as a "cycle"
  • The student will be able to create a mobilization cycle for any community
  • The student will know how to use training as a method of mobilizing
  • The student will see the danger of a single community project and be able to use the cycle approach to ensure a sustainable ongoing process
  • The student will learn how records can be used to ensure the cycle is sustained
  • The student will know how records can be used to make reports