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Editing and adding content to a wiki is very easy, and once you get the hang of it you won't want to stop. This page will help you get started: Help:Editing

Here is a full-fledged tutorial : Wikieducator tutorial


To add a sub-page (a page under the current page, like how we have Phonics and Grammar under English),

Create a wiki-link with a forward slash on either end of the name.

example: To make a sub-page of Grade 3 under the current page you're on, press the Edit button then add this line:

[ [ /Grade 3/ ] ]
(without the spaces)

You can add as many sub-pages you want under any page, and go on adding. At the top, under the page's title, you'll see a small line of links that'll tell you where you are.

About making mistakes : It's good to make mistakes, you can accidentally come across something you didn't know before. In a wiki like this, every change is carefully saved and one can easily revert back to an earlier version if things have gone wrong. This can be done from the History link on the very top of the page.