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Content is most important here! Do you have educational resources of your own that you want to share for the benefit of other educators like you as well as not like you? Then upload all your files and add them to this knowledge base!

Upload to common shared folder

Click here: Knowledge Base (this is a shared folder on

You'll have to sign up to create a free account, then you can upload your files to this folder. Please create appropriate sub-folders as necessary.

Currently we're using this free online folder on 4shared. If you have something better, where anyone can upload their files to, then please add it here!


  • You can use an alias instead of your true name in case you wish to remain anonymous. Just edit your files so that they don't give you away.
  • Easiest path in uploading is just create a folder for yourself in the shared folder once you're logged in, and upload all your work there.
  • That said, it would be much better to have your files put into category-specific folders. Still, that can easily be done by others who come along so choose what you're most comfortable with.

Download from common shared folder

Copy over everything that's there up there in these easy steps:

  1. Make sure you've made a 4shared account of your own (it's free yaar) and are logged in. Now click here: Knowledge Base. (rather, open it in a new tab)
  2. Take your mouse over to "Add to account" button, and click on "Current folder".
  3. All the files and folders here will be copied over to your personal 4shared account. May take a few minutes. Meanwhile...
  4. Install 4shared Desktop to your computer. Its like dropbox.
  5. Login to the app, and now you should see the Knowledge Base folder that you copied over.
  6. Download it to your computer!

Other methods

  • Create your own 4shared or other file hosting account and share the link.
  • Email all your files to your posterous blog and then share the blog post's link. Posterous is great at handling multiple document attachments.
  • anything else?...

...and add your link in the list below, with whatever details you feel are necessary.

Links to shared files

  1. add here...
  2. ...