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Purpose of this page: This is an unofficial, bare-bones effort to gather the work done by educators in India and create a one-stop space that includes EVERYTHING that has developed so far. The intent is to take quality education that has worked in the limited-resources school scenario and make it available openly to educators everywhere, thereby giving everyone the opportunity to eliminate educational inequity, to take quality education to those who need it most.

By EVERYTHING, we mean: (including but not limited to)

  1. Standards and Objectives of all the grades exhaustively spelled out.
  2. All teaching objectives broken down to the very last level of detail.
  3. Exemplar Lesson Plans for teaching each and every objective, complete with all key points, instructions, teaching quides and assessments, in a way that any person anywhere can take the lesson plan and use it to teach a class of students effectively.
  4. Multiple "flavors" of lesson plans - there can be many ways of teaching one objective, just as there are multiple flavors of linux.
  5. Teaching plans and schedules - from weekly to yearly.
  6. Classroom management plans - definitive lists of strategies, plans, dos and don'ts to effectively manage any classroom.
  7. Remedial plans - guides on how to help weak students bridge the learning gap and reach their appropriate levels
  8. Relevant training material so that anyone anywhere can upgrade their skills and knowledge to become a quality educator.
  9. And anything and everything related to teaching!


EOY 2012 List of objectives





Social Sciences

Value Education

Classroom Management and Culture

Outside the Classroom

Students with Special Needs

Teacher Resources


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