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The Recent Changes page lets you see the most recent edits made to pages in WikiEducator. Using this page, you can monitor and review the work of other users, tracking where activity is occurring and allowing mistakes to be corrected. There is a link to the Recent Changes page in the sidebar of each page.

Understanding Recent Changes

The two lines above are an example of the kind of text that you see if you click on the Recent changes link in the navigation box on the left of this page. The text shows two edits: the first by a user called Mackiwg who added a link to the glossary on the eXe Online manual page; and the second by user BrentSimpson who has created a new page called the Wikieducator tutorial.

From left to right here's whats going on in the above sample of the Recent changes:

  • "diff" links to the diff-page for this edit (more on diffs in the next section).
  • The "hist" link corresponds to the history link on the edited page: it shows not just this edit but also older and newer ones to this page.
  • A bold N indicates that the page is "new", i.e., previously did not exist.
  • A bold m would indicate that the user marked the edit "minor".
  • The next link is a link to the current version of the page in question.
  • 10:06 refers to the time in UTC. You can change the time to your time zone using your user preferences.
  • For logged-in users, the next link is a link to their user homepage (as usual with internal links, the view page if the page exists, the edit page if it does not, the two being styled differently).
  • Finally, there is a link to the user's talk page (the same remarks regarding existence apply).

Icon activity.jpg
Let's take a look at how this function works.
  • Open a new tab or browser window. (This will allow you to switch between this tutorial and another window where you can practice using the tools while still having access to these instructions.)
    • To open a new tab or browser in Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox, click File>New Tab or Ctrl/Command T.
    • To switch between tabs, click on the tab you want to go to or, on some computers, Ctrl Tab or Ctrl Pg Up/Down.
  • In your new tab window, go to
  • Click on the Recent Changes link in the navigation menu to the left of this screen and take a look at some of the changes that have been made recently. (Use the back arrow to move back between pages as you click on the various links on this screen to see what changes have been made.)
  • Once you are a little more familiar with this return to the tutorial either clicking on the tab for your "WikiEducator" window at the top of the screen or by clicking Ctrl Page Up.