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The activities in this workshop will be separated into introductory and intermediate topics. The introductory topics will parallel the WikiEducator tutorials that are used heavily for face-to-face and online Learning4Content workshops. The introductory tutorials for this workshop are in between the full WikiEducator tutorials and the quickstart guide because this workshop is condensed into three hours compared to the two or three day face-to-face Learning4Content workshops. If at any point you need more information about an introductory topic do not hesitate to navigate to the WikiEducator tutorials using the Help link in the left-hand sidebar.

Introductory Topics

If you are new to working with a wiki, a good path is to complete the tutorials below in the order that they appear. Before you can edit a page on WikiEducator (which you will be doing regularly) you must create an account on WikiEducator. If you are unfamiliar with creating a user account for internet activities, introductory activity 2 will step you through the process.

Icon activity.jpg Introductory Activities
Each topic below should take you between 10-20 minutes to complete. When working try to keep in mind that you should save an hour and a half for the intermediate activities.
  1. Learn about wikis
  2. Create an account on WikiEducator
  3. Basic Editing
  4. Format text using wiki syntax
  5. Create new wiki pages and links between pages
  6. Inserting Images
  7. Collaborative Editing

Intermediate Topics

If you are comfortable working in a wiki like Wikipedia, or one of its sister projects, you should have no trouble starting with the intermediate activities.

Icon activity.jpg Intermediate Activities
The first intermediate activity should take between 10-20 minutes to complete. Activities two and three are the most involved and could easily take up to 40 minutes each.
  1. Communicate and Interact in the wiki
  2. Create and edit video collaboratively
  3. Participate in a group experiment
  4. Inserting Media

If you have completed all of the above activities and thirst for more, check out additional Wikieducator tutorials, consider helping a neighbor that is finding the workshop more of a challenge, and/or the skills development and certification framework for WikiEducators to see how close you are to getting certified for your learning.