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Example.jpg== The ITKNe Network == ITKNe commenced with an informal network of the eight Australian project partners. As the project progresses, the ongoing structure of the network will be formalised in order to facilitate ongoing partnerships and inclusion of additional network members such as international and/or professional organisations. The project will consider the individual circumstances of the initial project partners, including policy and practice limitations, to develop guidelines for participating in the network.

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Why Join?

Through ITKNe you can find like-minded institutions from anywhere in the world that would be interested in undertaking joint learning activities for the purposes of engaging in knowledge production and transfer, in order for all participating students to develop mutual respect and deep understanding of other knowledge traditions.

The foundation members of the network are all Australian, and so we are keen for other institutions from anywhere in the world to participate. Our initial focus is in the disciplines of Education and in our foundation trials we are engaging with English language students.

In the long term we envisage using the learning materials and approaches in any discipline where developing mutual respect and deep understanding of other knowledge traditions is important.


Foundation Members

University of New England (UNE)

Dr Laurence Tamatea, School of Education and adjust research feellow at the UWS Centre of Education Research Dr Keita Takayama, School of Education

Interested in becoming a member?

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