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Educational Theory

Case Studies

Wang, Chun-Min (2011). Instructional design for cross-cultural online collaboration: Grouping strategies and assignment design. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 2011, 27(2), 243-258

Project Publications


Unrefereed Paper

  • Tamatea, L., Singh, M., and Takayama, K, (2010). Internationalising - Pre-service Teacher Education. Universities Futures Learning and Teaching Colloquium, UNE, 8-9 September.
  • Tamatea, L. and Singh, M. (2011). ITKNe: An ICT Enabled Transnational Knowledge Network in Education. Paper presented at the UNE-NBN Seminar Series, 22 June, UNE

Refereed Papers

  • Henriette van Rensburg, Nita Temmerman, Laurence Tamatea, Warren Midgley, Ann Dashwood and Patrick Danaher (2011). Multiple Perspectives on the Value(s) of Australian Teacher Education: Dialogical Pedagogy for and by Domestic and International Students and Staff Members. Presented at Australian Teacher Educators Association Annual Conference, Melbourne, 3-6 July


In Review

  • Singh, M and Tamatea, L. (Under Review). From Asia literacy to Australia/Asia transnational knowledge networks Linguistic diversity, intellectual connections and teacher education. Local-Global: Identity, Security, Community.