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Project Team Meetings

The full project team meets monthly.

Project Management Team Meetings

The ITKNe project management team (Laurence Tamatea, Keita Takayama, and Sue Watson) meet weekly to ensure the project proceeds as per the project plan. The minutes of these meetings are recorded in project plan format, with details of the status of each line item recorded, and tasks for the following week allocated.

Minutes from latest meeting (31 March): ITKNE latest project management meeting minutes

iTKNe Retreat

The iTKNe Retreat is set down for Thursday 4th August 2011. The one day Retreat will be held at the ALTC Head Office, Surry Hills from 9.00am-5.00pm. All partner institutions are attending with the Facilitator being A/Professor Laurence Tamatea. The Retreat is entitled "A Workshop - Planning your Involvement in 2011-2012".

Proposed Site Visits

The Team Leader, A/Professor Laurence Tamatea will conduct site visits to each Partner Institution. The first site visit has been scheduled for Tuesday 9th August 2011 to the University of Queensland, School of Education.