Guidance and Counseling as a Student Support Service at PU Level

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Guidance and Counselling at PU Level

  1. Class and Career Talks
  2. Career Conference and Guidance for Further Study
  3. Dissemination of Occupational Information


Adolescence is considered to be one of the most critical stages of human development. At this stage adolescents are under pressure to choose their subjects according to their career choice. Selection of subjects and career would go hand in hand. Lecturers at preuniversiy colleges encounter with such situations where they should be in position to help their students who are at the sdolescent stage of development. Subject selection depends on their career interests. Career interest may not be sufficient to choosing the career. In order to select a career besides interest, their potential/abilities and opportunities should also be taken into consideration. In order to help them in such career related decisions, preuniversity lecturers should have adequate awareness and knowledge about different careers. Career selection may not help students to achieve success, they should have to work hard to achieve it. Hence, it is necessary to equip preuniversity students with necessry skills in planning, decision making, assertive behaviour etc.

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Keeping in view the complexities in handling the preuniversity students who are at the transition stage of schooling/education, it is essential to provide institutional support managing their concers and needs. The most potential support that can be provided to these students is through guidance and counselling services. Preuniversity lecturers are required to play a critical role of managing these guidance and counselling services in thier institutions. For this purpose they are to be adequately equipped to handle guidance and counselling services.

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After going through this module, you would be able to;

  1. Appreciate the significance of Guidance and Counelling Services in Preuniversity Colleges
  2. Understand various procedures in supporting and helping preuniversity students
  3. Develop competencies required to undertake activities of Guidance and Counselling

Why this Module?

Majority of preuniversity students are depending on other or external factors instead of relying on their selves or internal factors to decide their future endeavours. It is necessary to help them in understanding their self, their strenths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. This self understanding and awareness help them to improve their self efficacy and self esteem. This can be accomplished through a well planned guidance and counselling support system.

It is felt that the unless lecturers at the +2 level are prepared to handle such support service, preuniversiy students may not be able to develop self awareness. Hence the idea of preuniversity lecturers as guidance-counselling professional emerged to sensitively manage this support service.

What is Guidance and Counselling?

Guidance and Counselling is a support service intended to help students to manage their personal problems, understand their strengths, weaknesses, resolve problems pertaining to educational accomplishments and to judiciously select a career. In recent times the significance of guidance and counselling services is very much recognised for helping students (especially in secondary and senior secondary schools)to understand their potentials and to make appropriate decisions.
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These services are also acknowldged for helping students to optimise their social and emotional adjustments. Educational administraters and school managers are now thinking of introducing these servics in schools. A well-planned guidance services organised by preuniversiy lecturers would facilitate academic, social-emotional and career development of students in preuniversity colleges.

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Majore function of educational guidance services in pre university colleges is to accelerate learning among students. It aims to develop higher order thinking. It helps students with learning difficulties to overcome these difficulties and improve their scholastic achievement.

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Social-Emotional guidance services concentrates on development of adjustive behaviour and attempts to improve inter personal relationships and leadership qualities. It provides technical support to pre university students in managing their emotions to achieve success.

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Career guidance is more essential to pre university students as they are at the critical transition period and at the threshold of opting courses that ultimately lead them to a career.

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There are three steps in organising a guidance and counselling programme. They are planning, implementation and outcome accomplishment. Guidance counselling programmes should have clear vision and should be planned to translate that vision into practice to achieve expected outcomes.


The Modules of this training are arranged under the following three areas

  1. Guidance and Counselling as a Supporting Service
  2. Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling
  3. Role of Pre University Lecturers in Guidance Services

Guidance and Counselling as a Supporting Service

Guidance and Counselling need to be an integral part of schooling and educational system as these services help students in their personal, social, emotional, educational and career development. Guidance and counselling is viewed as a support service because it would latently facilitate students to achieve success not only in their curricular endeavours but also in their life. Hence, the major components of guidance and counselling programme that addresses four major developmental areas.
  • Individual/Personal 
  • Social/Emotional
  • Educational/Curriculum
  • Career/Vocational

The advantages of these support services are listed below.

  1. Facilitate learning and improve academic achievement of students
  2. Helps students in adjusting with their self as well as society
  3. Improves inter and intra personal relationships
  4. Helps students in managing thier emotions and resolve conflicts personal or social
  5. Students can have access to occupational information

Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling

In recent times the idea of comprehensive guidance and counselling is emerging out and many schools in western countries have developed such programmes. Comprehensive guidance and counselling programme covers all students in a school to help their developmental needs. Unlike traditional guidance and counselling, this programme addresses all students and considers it as a joint responsibility. This programme addresses developmental needs of all students in three domains, such as, career, social/emotional and educational. There are four components in this programme that cater to the above three domains. They are

  • Curriculum Guidance
  • Individual Student Planning
  • Responsive Services
  • School Support

Role of Pre University Lecturers in Guidanc Services

There are two options that a pre university college can adopt in extending guidance counselling service to students. First option is to plance a professional counseller fully qualified and the second option is to involve existing lecturers in this support service. First option is the best one but it is difficult to appoint a separate professional counseller. Hence the second option of using existing lecturers for guidance and counselling is realitstic, practicable and feasible. This is a concept of teacher as a counseller. Pre university lecturers can play te role of as a guidance counseller after basic orientation/training. Besides their regular curricular resposibilities, pre university lecturers may also have to play the role of a guidance-counseller. Major roles of pre university lecturers in college guidance programme are:
  • Help students for better learning in the curricular subjects by locating their difficulties and introducing appropriate remedial measures
  • Identification of students with behavioural problems and helping them in coping
  • Helping students to choose right career depending on their strengths by providing occupational information

Some of the activities that a pre university college can undertake as part of its guidance counselling programme are listed below and the details of these activities are provided in separate pages of this section.

  • Class Talks
  • Career Talks
  • Career Conference
  • Guidance for Further Study
  • Dissemination of Occupational Information
  • Career Corners
  • Workshops
  • Group Discussions
  • Field Trips

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Following activities would help you in developing your competencies to organise guidance and counellig programes in your college:
  1. Plan collaboratively guidance and counselling programme for your college.
  2. Collect Career Information.
  3. Assign your students to prepare Charts, Posters, Bulletin Boards etc. on various careers of their choice.
  4. Prepare Class Talks on different topics and present them in your class.
  5. Prepare Career Talks on different careers and present them in your class
  6. Organise Career Corners, Career Exhibitions and Career Conferences.

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See this video to know how to go about

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