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Wiki Pasifika is the result of the FLOSS4Edu Pacific Workshop that was held in Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa on the 13-15th of August, 2007.

Wiki Pasifika aims towards building capacity in the Pacific on the use of WikiEducator by networking among Pacific countries to raise the awareness and availability of free content resources. By establishing local Wiki Ambassadors and strengthening and renewing professional and regional alliances we aim to raise awareness with policy decision makers and key stakeholders about the use of Free Content and Open Collaboration for the good of all.

Where Are We?

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Who Are We?

Projects and Activities

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News & Events

The FLOSS4Edu Pacific Workshop is over. Many thanks to NZAid, The NZ Ministry of Education, and the Commonwealth of Learning for their support in making this happen. The result of the workshop was the establishment of Wiki Pasifika, but much of what happened in the actual workshop can be found here.


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