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These are unrehearsed video clips recorded during the first WikiEducator workshop for the Pacific region, corresponding with the launch of WikiPasifika. It gives us pleasure to introduce these WikiNeighbours and WikiAmbassadors who are helping us build the WikiEducator project in the Pacific region.

Country Pacific WikiEducator Video link
Flag of Kiribati.svg

Tebania Tebakabo
Director of Education
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
The Republic of Kiribati

Kiribati Tebakabo.jpg

view movie 5.9MB
Flag of Niue.svg

Jieni Taoba-Mitimeti
Principal, Niue High School
Education Department
Government of Niue

Flag of Papua New Guinea.png

Demas Tongogo
Flexible Open and Distance Education College
Papua New Guinea

PNG Demas Tongogo.jpg

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Flag of Samoa.svg

Dr Ioana Chan Mow
National University of Samoa

Samoa Ioana Chan Mow.jpg

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Flag of Solomon Islands.svg

Bernard Rapasia
Chief Education Officer
Technical Vocational Education and Training
Ministry of Education and Training, HRD
Solomon Islands

Solomon Bernard Rapasia.jpg

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Flag of Tokelau.svg

Samuelu Misionare Lafolua
Academic/TVET coordinator
Tokelau Department of Education
c/o Samoa

Tokelau Samuelu Misionare Lafolua.jpg

view movie 1.6MB
Flag of Tonga.svg

Sisilia Tu'ifua Takapautolo
Deputy Director
Post Secondary & Higher Education
Ministry of Education

Tonga Sisilia.jpg

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Flag of Tuvalu.svg

Michael Noa
Senior Education Officer
Department of Education

Tuvalu Michael Noa.jpg

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