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FLNW08 is over. See Themes for some of the artifacts that resulted.

Mekong visit Jan '08 - Latest Update:

Download the draft proposal for Mekong visit January 16th, 2008 with costings.

Join the discussions about the Mekong visit in the Future of Learning in a Networked World Google Group

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TALO members explore the Future of Learning in a Networked World via e-learning, flexible delivery, online education, networked learning and web 2.0 in the respective geographical and virtual locations. The focus of FLNW2 is to engage TALO members in proactive e-learning hands-on events in a cross-cultural context with host nations, networks, groups and individuals.

TALO Background

TALO or Teach and Learn Online is an international network of people interested in all things e-learning, flexible learning, online education, networked learning and web 2.0.

TALO provides individuals with the opportunity to connect with others who share a common interest in progressing knowledge sharing in an open and diverse collaborative community. A range of active online discussion forums,blogs, wikis, and web feeds are balanced with un-conferences, swap-meets and other spontaneous face-to-face conversations. The un-conference model has been adopted as an open conversation space within all TALO events and serves to guide or in some instances challenge the perceptions of those used to conference sensibilities.

FLNW Background

A number of inspired TALO members seeking ways to engage a wider and more culturally diverse reference group began exchanging ideas about how to action e-learning in a sustainable and realistic forum.......... without all the fuss of conferencing. At swapmeets the ideas start to flow including a trip down the Mekong river, Hong Kong, a train journey with free wireless, the UK, Europe and Broome, Australia and now the FLNW2.

Conscious of the fact that others regard online education as self important navel gazing, the idea that came out of these discussions was to grow TALO beyond a technology focused online information gathering group, to build a robust and sustainable model of engaging others with networked ICT's and other new and emergent technologies.

The FLNW 2 event follows on from the FLNW event which was held in New Zealand in 2006.FLNW2 came about as a result of round table discussions at the TALO Swap-Meet in Adelaide in March 2007.

TALO energy is contagious and this motivates others to embrace and implement creative activities that build social inclusion, participation, access and choice. All of this leads to appropriate and sustainable solutions for learning in a networked world.


Add yourself if you were ... there ... or not.

Leigh Grey-Smith

Leigh g smith.jpg Leigh Grey-Smith recently join FLNW. He has been working as web developer and consultant for the past 4 years. He currently runs his own business Greytone Designs, while working as Head of Technology for Vibewire.Inc, a non-profit group dedicated to creating a virtual space for creative expressions of Young Australians. He is also the co-founder of elseWhereOnline, a humanities based academic online community/journal, launch last year with assistance from the Australian Research Council. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. --leighgreysmith 07:09, 05 June 2007 (CET)

Alexander Hayes

Alex hayes portrait 2007.jpg Alexander Hayes joins the TALO conversation trail from Sydney,actively progressing TALO's research into e-learning in a networked world. A decade working as an educator in the primary, secondary,vocational training and the tertiary sectors have provided Alex with ample cause to question what role 'teaching' has in education. Alex invites you to engage with him in creative discourse that unifies digital literacy, folksonomies, networked identity, m-learning and open web publishing. --alexanderhayes 07:09, 18 March 2007 (CET)

Nancy White

Nancy white.jpg Nancy White is the Founder of Full Circle Associates, Nancy helps organizations connect through online and offline strategies. Nancy is an online interaction designer, facilitator and coach for distributed communities of practice, online learning, distributed teams and virtual communities. Nancy teaches, presents and writes on online facilitation -Community. Nancy blogs at FullCirc. She confesses to online interaction and chocolate addiction.

Leigh Blackall

Leigh blackall.jpg Leigh comes from Dunedin, New Zealand and is really looking forward to seeing how remote communities in the Philippines and Thailand use the Internet for information, communication, entertainment and ultimately - learning. --Leighblackall 07:02, 18 March 2007 (CET)

Trish Everett

Trish everett.jpg Trish Everett is the Principal of Parnngurr Community School which is located in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia, 300 kilometers out of Newman. Trish is has been using open web publishing and and networked learning with the Mardu speaking community whose Indigenous community development includes the use of blogs and moblogging.

Rose Grozdanic

Rose grozdanic.jpg Rose Grozdanic has broad experience in the areas of professional development and flexible learning including stints as training manager, project officer with AFLF Learnscope and project manager of the Australian Flexible Learning Community. She is currently consulting as a learning and development specialist in an industry context and has been an enthusiastic member of TALO eGroup since its inception.--rgrozdanic 09:38, 18 March 2007 (CET)

Bronwyn Stuckey

Bronscotplay2.jpg Bronwyn Stuckey is principal consultant in Innovative Educational Ideas consulting to industry and education on matters of online instructional design, online learning, educational technology and games, community and Internet-medieated community of practice development and facilitation. She is a foundation member of CPsquare and coaches in the Foundations of Communities of Practice Workshop with Etienne Wenger and John Smith. For the past three years she has also been a visiting scholar in the Learning, Cognition and Instruction/Learning Sciences at Indiana University with Sasha Barab, researching issues surrounding a 3D multi-user game environment Quest Atlantis.--Bron 00:11, 19 March 2007 (CET)

Konrad Glogowski

Konrad Glogowski portrait.jpg Konrad Glogowski is finishing his PhD dissertation in education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. His thesis focuses on building online communities of learners to facilitate the development of literacy and cognitive skills. He enjoys working with educators and is currently thinking about new approaches to pre- and in-service teacher professional development. He documents his thoughts on his blog of proximal development.

Barbara Dieu

Bee07.jpg Barbara Dieu teaches EFL and coordinates the foreign language dept at the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian secondary school in São Paulo. She has been involved in international projects online since 1997, networking, presenting, producing material and collaborating in several national and international communities of interest and practice. She has lately been involved with blogs, social tools and open participatory webpublishing. Barbara blogs at Wide Open Spaces.

Michael Coghlan

Michael c.jpg Michael Coghlan's home base is in Adelaide, Australia. He works for TAFE SA as an elearning facilitator, and has worked closely with several Australian Flexible Framework projects – most recently the Media on the Move online casting project (URL coming soon). Like Barbara Dieu he is a long time member of the Webheads community. Basically fascinated by all things web-related, especially as they apply to education, and has recently become interested in what Internet things are happening out there in the developing world so this journey of exploration is right on time. [More...]

John Eyles

Johnenz.jpg John Eyles joins from Waiheke Island, New Zealand. He has been involved in distributed learning and the internet for 10 years. He has a particular fondness for the Greater Mekong Subregion and is looking forward to getting to know Palawan. John is online coordinator of the Art and Design Postgraduate Network and senior lecturer at AUT University. He is involved in the EON FOUNDATION and The Living Classroom.

Brent Simpson

Brent simpson.jpg See my User page.

Paulis Cheung

Paulis c.JPG Paulis Cheung is currently working as a Professional Vocational Training & Education (VTE) Practitioner, Project Manager, Researcher and Facilitator with professional focus on applications of educational technologies to enhance learning and teaching. My major interests include educational psychology, educational technologies, educational design, eLearning, mobile learning, e-Portfolio, e-assessment, game-based learning, web 2.0, adolescent's development and research methodology. --Paulis Cheung 16:30, 8 April 2007 (CEST)

Mark van Harmelen

Mvh.kmi.jpg Mark van Harmelen is a South African who lives in the UK, dividing his time between London and Manchester. He is an ICT consultant who works largely in the elearning area, and is also an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. His major interests include communities, personal learning environments for independent and community learning, social software, Web 2.0 for learning, teaching and assessment, and technologies in general. Mark is currently leading a team to develop a social software based personal learning environment. Mark's home page


People who have committed to supporting the FLNW event by either ;

Anne paterson.jpg Anne Paterson has been the first person to offer to become virtual host contributor to FLNW2. Anne blogs over at contributeparticipatelearn as well as growing the Engageme resources for educators. Anne brings a wealth of experience to the FLNW2 virtual hosts team.
Chris gnu clouds.jpg Chris is a knowledge worker, free software activist and entrepreneur living in Queensland, Australia. Chris has worked in secondary public education, special education and tertiary sectors with a passion for libre software and libre knowledge.

Chris has also fulfilled roles as a learning resources developer, web developer and a host of roles as a consultant with many not for profit community organisations as both an interactive technology profession and volunteer.

Blog | Wiki

Graham wegner.jpg Graham Wegner is an ICT Coordinator and classroom teacher at a primary school in suburban Adelaide, South Australia. His long interest in integrating computing technology into learning has led to his specialist leadership role that includes the development of a school Interactive Whiteboard program and the use of ICT's for inquiry based learning. Introducing Web 2.0 technologies into the classroom and leveraging their use as a tool for teacher controlled professional development has been a passion of his over the past two years. Graham maintains his own professional blog, Teaching Generation Z and also posts at Activboarding, a blog focussed on the use of Interactive Whiteboards. Graham has presented on the use of Web 2.0 tools in education at the local level and is part of a loosely networked group of Adelaide based educators focussed on emerging web technologies known as the Net2Blazers and is also a member of the Teach And Learn Online (TALO) group.--grahamwegner 11:05, 20 March 2007 (CET)

Continuing Discussions

These are wiki-wide discussions used by event co-ordinators, event participants and any other people interested in keeping contact with the FLNW group.



FLNW2 Planning

Itinerary - Participants

Mekong Visit January 16

- Arrive Bangkok

- Welcome

Download the draft proposal in MS Word for Mekong visit starting January 16th - January 30th, 2007 with costings.

NB: On the 1st to third of February 08 the Thai Ministry of Commerce is organizing the Thailand International Education Exhibition in Bangkok. Suggestion is to finish the ‘tour’ on the 30th Jan and for those who wish to stay, get a booth and share events of the travel through the Mekong in video, and internet, etc to participants at the expo.

Start Date 01-FEB-08 End Date 03-FEB-08 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Bangkok,Krung Thep Thailand [1]

Event Profile: Thailand International Education Exhibition has been designed to connect proactive domestic, regional and international educational institutions and training and awarding bodies with undergraduate and postgraduate students. Visitor's Profile: It is an exhibition that attracts higher education policy-makers, researchers, practitioners, HR managers and personnel, teachers and students, buyers and suppliers from state and private-run colleges and universities, education and multimedia publishers, computer software industry representatives, HRD consultants, instructional technology experts, and professional trainers. Exhibitor's Profile: Profile for exhibit include International School (Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, College, University), Higher Education/Vocational School (International Curriculum), Short Courses, English Program, Educational Tools (Publisher, Textbook, Stationery, Educational Software, Toys etc. Organizer: Ministry Of Commerce 22/77, Rachadapisek Road, Chatuchak, Thailand. Tel: +(66)-(2)-5116020 to 30

- Begining of Linux Mini-Conf


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EON has come on board as the first official sponsor for FLNW2. EON will sponsor in kind FLNW2 participants by providing critical support throughout the FLNW2 event. EON will keep track of its contribution using the EON FLNW2 Sponsor records page.

Letters of Application

LLU Princesa


Manila, Philippines


New Zealand

Open Funding Proposal

TALO is committed to also providing the opportunity for those who may not otherwise have the means to attend FLNW2. We are building a funding proposal on WikiEd.


Berkana Learning Journey

[2] - Berkana Flyer example.

Video - John Eyles (EON)

  • 9 Minute Video interviews with some of the 50 participants including high school, university, non-formal and vocational. (Big file 9mb but worth wait)
  • 14 Minute MP3 audio recording of teachers giving their vision for ICT projects in the region. (Another large file)

Research Associated