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Well then. Here we are.

I joined today and made the mistake of looking up Leigh Blackall's personal profile page to use as a template. Gulp. Maybe not.

Instead I'll wait. Let this space evolve as I spend more time here and figure out how I want to represent myself. Or be represented.

At this point I'm an interested skeptic - not especially fond of wikis, not sure that something like this is necessarily "a good thing", not at all attracted to the interface or functionality as a first impression. I will however make a commitment to at least spend some time here mostly because people I admire and like seem commited to making this work. So I'll work with them. It's all the same to me. The internet is about people, not websites. So I'll go anywhere.

While I work in education in my "real life", my personal interest in the whole online thing is more in the areas of online culture - privacy, intellectual property, law, relationships, identity, new practices such as citizen media and so on. I've taken to the internet like a fish to water - it has been a "place" to me from the very start. Yet I'm not especially interested in the technology. Sooner or later it will become invisible. Good riddance, I reckon.

If I could invent one thing on the internet it would be a method for tagging information so that it didn't need to live anywhere in particular. The closest process I can think of that replicates my wish in human terms would be the idea of serendipity - seemingly random patterns clustered into meaningful chunks - a higher order processing of sorts. New agers like to think it's ordained. I think it's something far more ordinary. And impossibly difficult. But not impossible.