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I am or have been a classroom teacher, researcher, community facilitator, lecturer, educational technologist, instructional designer, trainer and teacher educator. I am such a greedy learner that I just cannot settle to one field when everything seems so exciting. In recent years I discovered that communities of practice were a crossroad for many of my interests and the perfect topic for education to celebrate shared understandings with industry, enterprise, government and NGOs. I worked in teacher education and professional development in some way over the past twelve years as a trainer, lecturer and community and project developer. This work has been for education departments (NSW DET), universities (University of Wollongong, Queensland University of Technology. University of Southern Queensland), distance education organisations (Open Training & Education Network, OTEN, LMPC, CLI) and vocational education providers (OTEN, Australian Flexible Learning Community).

I am a foundation member of CPsquare and coach in the Etienne Wenger Foundations of Communities of Practice Workshop. I have over the pst two years facilitated and consulted to online community community groups and communities of practice. I am also am associated with Indiana University and Sasha Barab in research surrounding a new 3D multi-user program for students around the world to learn from and communicate with each other (Quest Atlantis). I have found some great friends at Indiana University and treasure their energy and generosity. In 2007 I continue collaborating as research associate in the Learning, Cognition and Instruction/Learning Sciences, Indiana University.

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