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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

My idea is to use these and the Academic word list to make a cumulative syllabus, ie one that goes in steps:

  1. the KET wordlist for Basic Users, altogether about 2300 words or 1,100 word families
  2. whatever additional vocabulary is needed for Basic Users to understand "Simple English" of the kind used in | The Simple English version of WikiPedia. There is also a Wiki-dictionary with explanations in Simple English[1] Approximately 300 words appear in Ogden's list which are not included in KET.
  3. Independent user = The PET wordlist minus the previous two stages
  4. The academic wordlist minus any words that have already been included in earlier lists.

A very useful tool for doing this sort of analysis and for teachers and material writers working on this project is the RANGE program by Paul Nation.[2] Another program which does the same things and can be even more useful for materials writers is AntWordProfiler by Laurence Anthony You can use the same baseword file format as for Range.

Download the word lists for each level in odt format:

  1. Basic User
  2. Simple English
  3. Independent User
  4. The academic Wordlist