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A lot of New Zealand educators use for eportfolios. It's free, open source and funded by the Ministry of Education for all New Zealand schools. Here'sa quick introduction to the most common activities people do on Myportfolio:

  • How to create a portfolio/and or CV with Google Sites (or other platforms?)
  • How to create a appraisal portfolio MyPortfolio (links to existing resources here)
  • Using LinkedIn to develop a professional online network

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An eportfolio is a tool that teachers can use to help learners gather evidence of learning, reflect on their learning or seek feedback on way that can improve their performance in an area. How would you use an eportfolio with students?
  • As a creative writing portfolio, allowing others to give praise and feedback on writing?
  • As a way to help students find examples of mathematics in the real world?
  • As a way of showcasing a P.E. skillacross a range of sports or activities?

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True or False?


1. Myportfolio allows users to upload video and pictures directly from smartphones.

Correct.png Correct! Use the apps called 'MaharaDroid' and 'PortfolioUP'.

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