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Resizing photos and images for Windows XP users: Step 3

5. Select the photo by double clicking on the image and it will appear in full size of images in the shortcut window double click the image and it will open in full size.

From the Picture dropdown menu select Resize.

6. On the right of the window you will be presented with a dialogue box with the following four options: • Original size, • Predefined width x height, (in pixels) • Custom width x height and • Percentage of original width x height. You can select from any of these options to resizing your image. Here I have selected the Predefined width x height option and selected the E-mail size (314x235 px) as I want the image to fit with the text in this document. Select the size that will best suit your needs. You will see at the bottom of this window the information about the original and new sizes. Click the OK button 7. You may need to resize the image a number of times to get the right fit for your document.