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Quick Start

DEHub is committed to the creation and provision of high quality, readily usable open educational resources (OER's). We invite you to join us!

Add your OER

If you have created an OER, or have found one that was really useful, we encourage you to include it here. This can be done by creating a link to the resource below, under the heading DEHub Open Education Resources. If your resource has been built on Wikieducator, we encourage you to categorise it so that it can be readily found! You can also add keywords into the tag column on the table below to help people search for your resource on this page.

Find an OER

To find OER's that fit your needs, you can:

  • browse this page
  • use the wikieducator search function
  • use ctrl-f to find the resource by keyword on this page
  • search the wikieducator categories
  • use a search engine outside of wikieducator

Request an OER

If you don't see an OER that fits your purposes here, please let us know! We can't promise to be able to create it for you, but we may be able to help locate a resource that fits your needs, or someone who can build it! Email us at admin at dehub dot edu dot au (the address is separated out to help stop spamming!).

DEHub Open Education Resources

DEHub and ODLAA SUMMIT Presentation PowerPoints

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