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DEHub researchers

We encourage you to add your name, link to your wiki page, and research interests to this page.
Researcher User page/contact Area of research
Cherry Stewart RTENOTITLE Cherry I am interested in these areas, and would like to work with anyone who is interested in collaborating on a related project.
  • Community & Open Learning;
  • Professional Development & Faculty Support,
  • Innovation & Change,
  • Quality Assurance
Nathan Wise NWprofilepic.jpgNathan I'm interested in the following research areas:
  • Community (eg: communities of practice, community value and participation);
  • Online/flexible teaching workloads and patterns;
  • Learning cultures and learner characteristics;
  • Life long learning practices.
Alan Wylie AlanWylie.pngAlan My areas of interest are:
  • The evolution of distance education, and flexible and online learning
  • Activity Design theory
  • Phenomenographic research
  • Learning in technology mediated environments.
Trish Andrews Trish photo 1 60.jpg I have particular interests in the following areas of research:
  • the way in which students intersect with ICT supported learning environments
  • the use of technology for teaching and learning
  • teacher's practices relating to technology and the development of effective models of staff development.
  • Mobile and ubiquitous learning in higher education.
Carina Bossu Carina.jpgCarina My areas of interest are:
  • Higher and distance education
  • Staff development
  • Educational change
  • Educational policy development
  • OERs.
Lindy Klein Lindyk.jpg Lindy My areas of interest are:
  • Open Source and Community Building
  • Open Education
  • Open Data
  • Social business

Jyoti Bawane JyotiBawane.png Jyoti My areas of interest are:
  • Quality Assurance in Open Educational Resources
  • Dynamics of Blended learning
  • Learner Autonomy
Matt Bower Mbowermini.jpg Matt My research interests include:
  • Web-conferencing pedagogies
  • Web 2.0 technologies for learning and teaching
  • Blending face-to-face and virtual worlds
  • Interactive and collaborative learning design.
Dr. Julie Willems Dr. Julie Willems.jpg Julie I have particular interests in the following areas of research:
  • The social deteminants of educational disadvantage; equity issues in education; social inclusion; ethics; access; transition pathways.
  • Educational resilience; quadripartite responsibilities in promoting student resilience in higher education.
  • The impact of learning styles in e-learning environments.
  • The use of technology for teaching and learning.
  • Inclusive learning design.