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Contact-new.svg Lindy Klein
Lindy at the office
Employer:DEHub (Innovation in Distance Education) Project
Occupation:Web Support Officer
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My Profile

Pages of interest

Warning - these links will probably change pretty frequently!

About Me

Other info about me can be found here: Me, Myself and I

Learning Resources in Production

The following are learning resources I am working on developing...
Test for sub pages - Inkscape resource
A learning module on Zotero, in development, hopefully will be moved into DE Hub area on completion

Tips and Tricks

Useful things I have been shown or found:

Getting the contents box to appear on your page: Although well documented in both the cheat sheet and the documentation for wikipedia, I managed to overlook this when first trying to get the index/contents box on a page! It is a hidden template, which your average user can't play with, and comes into play as soon as there are four or more headings and/or subheadings on a page.

Getting an image to point to a link: Many thanks to my project manager Nathan Wise for pointing this out! As far as I understand, piped links won't work for this yet, but to get an image to link to a page address try this format:
[ http://www.wikieducator.or/myimage.png]

Professional Background

I have been working as a web programmer for the last 18 months, with the last three months at the DE Hub (Innovation in Distance Education) project. I am passionate about accessibility in web technology, and the effective use of technology in both education and building relationships across barriers such as distance and time constraints.


I am nearing completion of a Bachelor of Arts, and am a self taught programmer in PHP, MySQL, Java, Javascript and of course, HTML and CSS.

My Interests

I enjoy graphic design, although it forms only a small part of my web based work. Although quite at ease with Adobe products, my favourite little program has to be Inkscape! It produces scalable vector graphics, but can save to multiple formats readily without expert knowledge. This PDF was created in Inkscape, and is soon to be replaced with one demonstrating the program's capabilities with better examples of slick graphics!

I am also interested in the idea of accessibility. What is accessible to one person is not necessarily so to another. For example, I have just noticed much of our tutorials are in a written format, with potentially one sound file, such as a welcome message at the start, and a movie file in the middle. For me, this is quite accessible - I learn better from reading and writing. For a friend of mine however, this would be quite inaccessible - their learning style relies heavily on verbal exchange. I feel accessibility is highly related to learning styles, and to create truly open learning resources, we have quite a task ahead of us. Freedom of use and adjustment is really just the beginning - to have truly open learning resources, we need to constantly assess how we have addressed accessibility, and what we can do so that our materials can be accessed as much as possible!


I am currently interested in the Fluid project.

My Colleagues

Co-learners in an open learning world!

  • Cherry Stewart
  • Photos

    My Projects

    I am working on the development of an online presence for the DE Hub project, with my current focus on the development and staging of the revamped DE Hub site. I have created a few DE Hub pages here and I need to learn how to redirect them all to a central location - essentially this is a name claiming thing, as we want to make sure DE Hub is not confused with another project in the wikieducator space... staking a claim so to speak!

    My Sandbox

    My sandbox

    My Reflection

    I am enjoying the advent of the technology age, but sincerely hope we remember the humans behind it!

    Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

    Very nice to meet you here. WikiEducator is a very warm and comfortable community. () . If there is any way I can help you, please let me know (coloured backgrounds, margins, user pages in multiple languages). Come visit my user page. Also, just to remind you, I put up a new page on which you can practice collaborating, by using your editorial skills included in the tutorial. See: Alternative Teaching methods and add your comments, criticisms, more methods, or reflections. Just try it. Cheers, Phil. --Phil Bartle 10:44, 15 December 2009 (UTC)

    (Comment.gif: Hi Lindy - Welcome to WE - if you want to resize your photo you can add some code to it - [[Image:file name|type|location|size|caption]] - cheers from across the ditch. --dragonsinger57 00:36, 26 September 2009 (UTC))
    Reply from Lindy - Many thanks - forgot I had not done this!! Shall attend to appropriate image sizing, and thank you for the snippet, its really helpful!
    ... tried to resize the main image and it won't take... will investigate resizing the original...

    (Comment.gif: Hi Lindy, this is very impressed. Really like what you have done in such a short time. You are definitely on your way of becoming a skilled WikiMaster. I have certified you Level 1, Apprentice. Well Done. Warm wishes,--Patricia 03:51, 25 September 2009 (UTC))
    Reply from Lindy - Wahoo! Thank you for the certification Patricia, and I'm glad you could find me! I am struggling to keep up with the workshop due to external pressures, but figure I'll keep chuggin' and do what I can. If I don't get through this time, I'll sign up for the next one and learn some more! Looking forward to learning!


    Hello and welcome to eL4C30, a free online Learning4Content wiki skills workshop.

    Enjoy the workshop.
    Patricia helijet.jpg
    60 x 73 pixel
    Lenva Shearing.jpg
    JMF avatar.jpg

    You may wish to check the schedule and layout of the workshop and introduce yourself.

    1. Click on the link EL4C30.
    2. The page that will open is the workshop page with all the links you will be using during the workshop.
    3. See your name in the list of participants.
    4. Whenever you have time click on each of the boxes.
    5. You may even start with Day 1 activities.
    Enjoy the workshop.