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This glossary is far from complete. We are constantly adding computing terms.

WAN (Wide Area Network)
A computer network where the various workstations are separated by large distances, and must communicate by using telephone lines or satellite.

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
An Internet protocol allowing mobile units, including phones, to access simple web pages.

Web page
any hypertext (HTML, XML etc.) file available on the World Wide Web and accessible using a URL.

Web Master
person in charge of the web pages at a particular web site.

Web Site
a collection of web pages stored on the same computer or server.

A graphical user interface which provides an easy way to access programs and data on the computer.

word processor
A software application which allows text to be typed using a keyboard and displayed on a monitor. It can then be edited, saved and printed.

a client computer on a LAN or WAN used to run application programs such as a word processor, spreadsheet and database.

www, World Wide Web or Web
a system for navigating the Internet using hypertext links. With a web browser it appears as a collection of multimedia 'pages'.

"What You See Is What You Get" - Normally applied to Word Processors, document or HTML editors this term means that what you see as you edit the page is what will be displayed when you print or view the document in your web browser.