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This glossary is far from complete. We are constantly adding computing terms.

A machine which is able to both send and receive text and pictures by using a telephone line.

fibre optic cable
A cable which is made up of thin strands of glass, along which light signals can pass to communicate.

A section in a database record into which data is entered, eg surname, date of birth.

A document stored by a computer. A file may be a program, a word-processor document, an image, a database or indeed any single, identifiable collection of information.

A method used to protect a computer network. It prevents access to the protected network but allows the protected network to access other networks outside the firewall.

floppy disc
A flexible magnetic disc used to store data and program software. Most PCs use 3.5inch floppy discs which are housed in a plastic case.

A diagram which is used to show the various stages which occur in a particular information system.

A style of typeface, such as Ariel, Courier, or Times New Roman.

FTP (file transfer protocol)
An Internet system which allows a user on one computer to transfer files to/from another computer.