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This glossary is far from complete. We are constantly adding computing terms.

A collection of numbers, words, or pictures which can be processed by the computer.

data processing
Taking 'raw' data such as weather data from an electronic weather station and using it to produce useful output such as rainfall bar charts or temperature graphs.

data logging
Using a computer to collect and store data over a period of time. For example, an electronic weather station.

A group of related data items, typically organised into a number of records (eg a record for each pupil in the school) with each record divided into a number of fields (eg name, telephone number, date of birth).

database management system
An application program which provides for the input, storage, organisation and interrogation of a database.

desktop publishing
The use of an application program which can be used to combine text of different sizes and styles with pictures to produce posters, flyers and newsletters.

A type of storage medium used to hold data and programs. This can be a removeable (or "floppy" disc) or a fixed (or "hard") disc.

A file, mainly made up of text and/or graphics, produced by an application program such as a word processor or a spreadsheet.

Disc Operating System. An application program which controls the computer (see also MS-DOS or Windows).

The electronic transfer of information from a host or server computer to a client computer.