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This glossary is far from complete. We are constantly adding computing terms.

A picture on the computer screen that represents a file, command or program.

IE (Internet Explorer)
A popular World Wide Web browser, made by Microsoft.

what is obtained from the analysis of data.

information technology
A combination of hardware and software used to make day to day tasks easier to perform. IT embraces a range of areas including computing, communications and electronics.

Data entered into a computer for processing.

The process in which information is retrieved from a file e.g. searching a database file.

The world-wide computer network composed of thousands of wide area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs). It uses the TCP/IP protocol to communicate.

IP (Internet Protocol)
Software used on the Internet to divide data ready for transmission into packets. A computer must be running IP to communicate using the Internet (see TCP).

ISDN (integrated services digital network)
A set of standards for high-speed digital communications that provide both voice and data services over a regular phone line.

ISP (Internet service provider)
An organisation which provides access to the Internet via telephone lines.