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The Community Learning Programme Toolkit


Community learning programmes draw lessons learned from open learning, flexible and distance education fields to informal and non-formal learning. Community learning programmes bring together development and education organisations with local media and technology groups. Programmes are designed collaboratively among subject (e.g. health), technology (e.g. radio or mobiles) and education experts at the community level. For example, in Malawi, the Phukusi la Moyo programme about maternal and child health is a collaboration between a community health project, the district health office, the local community radio station and an educational media group.

Learning content is carried on local media channels, guided by an appropriate technology approach. For example, in many areas FM radio is the most accessible mass medium; in others cable television is appropriate; in some locations mobile telephones may be widely available among target learners. Learning is reinforced and monitored through face-to-face mechanisms, e.g. women’s groups, listener clubs, schools and health clinics.

The Community Learning Programme approach is being developed by COL's Healthy Communities initiative and therefore focuses on issues related to the health of individuals and their communities.

More information:

Key principles

  1. Address local needs with clear learning objectives
  2. Collaboration between a) media, b) development groups and c) education agents
  3. Interactive, participatory formats
  4. Face-to-face learner support
  5. Driven by local resources

Examples of community learning programmes

  1. Phukusi la Moyo, Mchinji, Malawi
  2. Community health programmes, Isabel, Solomon Islands (in development)
  3. Jitambue, Weka Wazi, Karagwe, Tanzania (in development)

Developing community learning programmes

Community Learning Programmes Handbook (draft)

Community Learning Programmes: Development Workshop Outline (draft)

The development process (pls note, these are rough notes only):

  1. Part I - Participatory planning
  2. Part II - Programme design
  3. Part III - Programme formats
  4. Part IV - Learning design

Other resources

  1. Checklist for developing a community learning programme
  2. Key considerations in assessing the basis for community learning programmes
  • MCT for Health training materials
  • Maraa modules