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Setting objectives

  1. SMART
  2. Put a system in place and evaluate it…
  3. Is there such a thing as bottom up planning?
  4. When do you contact the community? When you have the money? Or after?

Finding focus

  1. You must start with a felt need
  2. Establish a strategic direction (compass)
  3. Want to see something coming out based on local needs, but also in line with “donor” needs so that you can get funding; challenge to achieve the balance
  4. COL has priorities but we don’t tell what to do
  5. Align with frameworks, stakeholders, other groups, e.g. nat’l AIDS policy, national and local organisations who are working in teh same area
  6. The needs will be identified: tech is there and applications are identified
  7. Is there an unmet need?
    1. What is it?

Finding resources and making the programme sustainable

  1. How will it be sustainable?
    1. Variable sustainability
      1. Mchinji is funded by the DHO
      2. Palpa was funded voluntarily by the teachers and then the radio itself; the idea was mooted to raise funds from parents
      3. Science for Women (India) was funded by the Ministry; can the stations step in and fund it?
  1. What is meant by sustainability
    1. SEE LINKS
    2. None of SW's programmes are free - are they unsustainable? SW's programmes are NOT planned to be ongoing; in many instances two years is enough
    3. Social and institutional sustainability


  1. Must be ingrained in the planning process