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Learning design

Links: Quality Assurance for Multimedia Learning Materials (CEMCA)

  • Learning design template, e.g. can be used equally for
    • What is greatness?
    • What is jazz?

Can we design learning?

  • We can design instruction, a course of learning
  • For some people under some conditions

Our task is to help people in tangible ways in critical areas: health & livelihoods

Learning won't happen

  • incidentally
  • coincidentally

It needs to be planned


People need an opportunity to revisit what they have heard and to assess if they have learned effectively


  • (see PPT)

Programme-orientation / series approach

  • Allows you to design content to address the entire range of issues and learning needs
  • Risk that you don't allow for feedback or action to address practical issues
  • Incorporate the need for feedback and action into the learning design; an argument for community-focus, narrowcasting

Testing with audiences


Behaviour change

  • Stages
  • Need to focus on benefits rather than how to avoid