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Section 6: Slide Shows and Previews

Road Works.svg Warning: this is a work in progress. Expect frequent changes to these pages.

Tutorial.png Shows and Previews 

Slide Show Timings | Timing settings | Slide Transitions | Setting the Duration | Add effects | Print your Presentation | Preview Slides | Running Slide Shows | Show Me Xine.png | Summary & FAQs

===Section Overview===Insert non-formatted text here

How will my slides look like when I am presenting it? In this section you will see a glimpse of your completed slides as they would appear when you are presenting. With Impress you can capture the attention of your audience by using animated objects and interesting slide transitions.

This section consists of seven (7) tutorials:

  • Slide Show Timings
  • Defining Slide Show Settings
  • Slide Show Transitions
  • Defining the Duration each Slide is Displayed
  • Animation Effects on Texts and Objects
  • Printing a Presentation
  • Previewing Slides

These tutorials are linked from the Outcomes presented below.

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By the end of these tutorials 1-7, you will be able to: