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Tutorial 1 - Displaying Impress Layout

Displaying Impress Layout

Shown below is the default window. When you launch Impress, a new, blank document, or default window, opens in Drawing view. Here is a brief explanation of the Impress window.


Title Bar

The title bar is the upper most band on your OpenOffice Impress window.


The Title bar displays both the name of the presentation and the name of the application.

  • The name of the presentation is PresentationToFunders.odp (hence the "PresentationToFunders" in the title). Remember we will be creating a presentation for the donors on our progress in training.
  • The name of the application is OpenOffice Impress (hence the name Impress).

Menu bar

The Menu bar is made of text menus displayed below. The Menu bar displays all the tools that are available in Impress


Icon present.gif
Tip: A menu in computer language is a list of choices from which a user can select from. In OpenOffice Impress, you can display the contents of any menu item by clicking on the menu name with the left mouse button or slowly moving the cursor on the word.


The Toolbar contains commands that have pictures or icons associated with them. These pictures may also appear as shortcuts in the Menu Bar.


Icon present.gif
Tip: The Toolbar is a row or rows of icons usually on the top of the screen, just below the menu bar. It the icons usually represent the frequently used commands/functions that are activated/executed when the icons are clicked

Tasks Pane

The task pane, which by default appears on the right hand side of OpenOffice Impress, provides you cascading menu options for:

  • Master Pages
  • Layouts
  • Custom Animations
  • Slide Transitions


Slides Bar

The slides bar as presented below shows thumbnails of the slides in the presentation.


Page View Toolbar

Page View Toolbar is a tabbed views alternatives that are available for viewing your presentation. In section 3 we will through the various views in details.