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Governing Board

From our Bylaws... The Governing Board is responsible for overall policy and direction of the consortium and delegates responsibility of day-to-day operations to the staff, standing committees and program board. The board shall consist of not fewer than 9 and not more than 11 members. 51% of board members shall serve without pay although these board members may receive reasonable compensation for expenses related to their board service.

Each Governing Board Member is elected to carry out an important organizational function. The 11 Board members are:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Financial Development Chair
  6. Communications Chair
  7. Elections Chair
  8. Program Chair
  9. Standards Chair
  10. At-large Board Member # 1
  11. At-large Board Member # 2

The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Governing Board.

CCCOER Governing Board Standing Committees

Program Board

Co-chaired by Communications Official & Programs Official

Publicity Committee

Co-chaired by President & Vice President, Communications Official

Membership Committee

Co-chaired by Secretary, Treasurer & Communications Official

Finance Committee

Co-chaired by President, Treasurer & Development Officer

Elections Committee

Co-chaired by Secretary & Elections Commissioner

OER Quality Standards Committee  

Co-chaired by Vice President & Standard Committee Chair (Interim Chair - Tom Caswell)

Primary Contacts from each member institution select volunteers from their organizations to serve on Standing committees, Program Board & working groups