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...more about the CCCOER Membership Committee

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Co-chaired by Secretary, Treasurer & Communications Chair

  • identifies and contacts prospective members
  • prepares and distributes information about the consortium to prospective members
  • recruits new members
  • aids the Secretary in keeping a complete and up-to-date list of members (institutions and individuals) with all contact information for the Designated Point of Contact individual for each member organization, membership level, standing, joining date and renewal dates
  • promotes membership renewal
  • facilitates communication among members (link to phone tree)
  • encourages participation on boards, committees and in working groups
  • channels member opinions, needs and ideas to Program and Governing boards

The CCCOER Membership Committee is looking for some willing participants!  We will have our first meeting in the next week or so (time/date TBA), but would love to have more people to join the party!  Please contact John Makevich at to express your interest.