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Contact-new.svg Alison Ruth
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My profile

Alison is a high school drop out with more letters after her name than in it. She has qualifications in Mathematics, Science, Education, Technology and Geomorphology (soils). She currently researches the impacts of new technologies on business, learning and social networks. She lectures in Informatics, information systems, knowledge management and mobile technologies.

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • My Mac
  • Journaling, blogging
  • Technology
  • Being a mac user in a PC world
  • Using wikis to facilitate learning


Mobile workforce technologies Wiki

This project is an ongoing investigation of using wikis as a learning environment. It was initiated as part of a Griffith E-Learning Fellowship in 2006. The project seeks to find ways to engage learners in a community of learning where they build their own text book.

Curriculum Mapping

As part of the ongoing development within Griffith University, we are initiating a project to facilitate the mapping of curriculum across undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. This project is in the planning stage. We are currently planning our funding application which was offered after a demonstration of what WikiEducator can do. This project with use a wiki or wiki-like application to facilitate group interactions and common document development.

Bluetooth System for Audience Response

I am working with a colleague on developing a system for gathering audience response based on input from bluetooth enabled phones. As an almost ubiquitous device, the mobile phone (cell phone) is an appropriate way for individuals to give feedback in classroom situations without added financial burden on either the individual or the insitution.

My Website, blog and contact particulars

Official Profile:

Griffith University

Personal Website:

Vicarious Conversations (very new)


Ed-Tech Blog @ Griffith

My vicarious conversation

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Web Resources

Other places you'll find my information


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Learning Contract

My sandbox

eXe Trial upload

HTML to Wiki process using eXe as base code


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