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LindyKlein.jpg Welcome to Lindy Klein's user page!


Hi! Whether you're new to Wikieducator or an old hand, welcome! I'm aware this page could be up for awhile without me getting back to edit it, so I'll give you some background on how I got started with WikiEducator, and some brief info about myself, and a few links for you to find out more...

I was introduced to wikieducator through my role as Web Support Officer at DEHub (Innovation in Distance Education). DEHub is an Australian based project that seeks to research and promote best practices in distance education. As I write, it is still a fledgling, but we have big ambitions and a lot of enthusiasm!

I believe very strongly in Open Learning Resources, having benefited from the efforts of more programmers and web experts than I can remember, simply because they believe in sharing their knowledge. For web programmers especially, this makes sense, as it adds to cohesive use of the web, with the application of universal principles and shared learning. To see this idea of open communities taken to broader contexts is very exciting!

I also have a wikieducator tutorial profile page here:Look at me from the side - do I look different to you? - check it out for more info...

Helpful tips

Following on from this idea of open communities helping each other, here are some tips for wiki usage:

  • When you open a tag, close it! A tag is the information you put in angle brackets to instruct the webpage on what to display and how - such as angle bracket p angle bracket for paragraph formatting. Its important to close them as soon as you open them to prevent frustration later on when you try and figure out which tag is still open and wreaking haavoc with your formatting!
  • Copy Paste! Copying other people's formatting or code snippets is a great way to learn how to use a wiki (or programming for that matter...). Just remember, if it's a large copy, or not a common format, or in any other way likely to impinge on copyright - credit where credit is due, and check with the owner...