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This page is used for planning the development of the course Art Appreciation and Techniques. The first phase of development is the conversion and redesign of the course to WikiEducator from the published versions at arth101b and Washington State OCL (username:guest_ocl, password:ocl). Also note that the course is available at

Phase 1: Conversion of content to wiki; first draft redesign

Reconcile content across and Washington State courses

The content of each module requires reconciliation across two versions (HTML/PDF) in Saylor and a set of Word files with the two out of sync and needing work. Reconciliation includes changes in HTML that are not in the Word files, as well as working around the two separate units that were removed from the original program.

Completion: 100% as of 1 November 2012

Converting to wiki format

Upon completion of reconciliation, the content is copied and pasted into Open Office, including basic formatting and cleaning out stray bids of markup.

Completion: 100% as of 1 November 2012

First re-design of learning activities

The learning activities in the course are structured around sending work to an instructor and include a complex and detailed marking scheme that does not work for this context. The learning activities for the WikiEducator version of the course must be useful for independent as well as group or class study.

The effort to adapt the activities is being implemented using an iterative improvement cycle.

Completion: 100% as of 13 March 2013

Replacement of all-rights-reserved images

Many of the images included in the course have an all-rights-reserved copyright. The goal is to develop the WikiEducator course to include only freely available images. Replacement images are obtained and loaded to

Completion: 100% as of 18 Feb 2013

Upload raw course content to Wikieducator

For development purposes we have organized the full-course content into modules. The following pages contain the full content for a module, which will then be further broken out into cohesive subunits. These pages are for development purposes, and will not be used in the final delivery of content.

Module 1  |  Module 2  |  Module 3  |  Module 3a  |  Module 4  |  Module 5  |  Module 5b  |  Module 5c  | Module 6  |  Module 7  |  Module 8

Completion: 100% as of 18 Feb 2013

Determine location and page progression for each module

The content for each module will be divided into pages, including a module specific navigator and prev/next arrows. The draft plans for these pages are located at the top of the raw content pages, on each specific module page.

The following are proposed home pages for the modules, including the idea of a first introductory module (as implemented in AST1000).

Art_Appreciation_and_Techniques\Course introduction



The_visual_language...the full title on the page will be "The visual language: Artistic elements"

Artistic_principles...the full title on the page is "The visual language: Artistic principles"

How_art_speaks...the full title on the page will be "How art speaks: Finding meaning"

Two-dimensional_art...the full title on the page will be "Artistic media: Two-dimensional art"

The_camera_arts...the full title on the page will be "Artistic media: The camera arts"

Three-dimensional_art...the full title on the page will be "Artistic media: Three-dimensional art"


Art_and_our_world...the full title on the page will be "Art and our world: Nature, the body, identity, sexuality, politics, and power"

  • (Comment.gif: rather than such a long title, I used the words after the colon in the overview --Alison Snieckus 00:02, 1 March 2013 (UTC))

Art_and_other_worlds...the full title on the page will be "Art and other worlds: Mortality, the spirit, and fantasy"

Completion: 100% as of 28 Feb 2013

Format images and edit/revise pages, as needed

Images were set in frames with generally large sizes (350-450px). The captions were revised for consistency using the guidelines at College Art Assoc. The copyright info previously listed in the caption was removed (stays in WikiMedia).

The text was checked for accuracy in relation to the images included on the page. Links to images were moved to display on the page, if possible. In some cases, the linked page was moved to a reference, with a Notes section added. Page links to additional resource material were checked; broken links were fixed as needed. The pages were formatted using wiki code for a consistent look and feel. All links to Wikipedia content were moved to interwiki code.

Completion: 100% on 11 Aug 2013

Style guidelines

This course uses the style guidelines applied to OERu courses generally.

We have made a number of decisions related to the titling and content of pages, which OERu style guidelines did not address (at the time):

  • Course content modules will be placed in the main namespace and named with first word caps only. Discussion: (naming the modules and subpage naming conventions
  • Headings are written with first word caps only, excepting proper nouns.
  • Each module will contain a beginning "overview" page, which provides pedagogical orientation to the module contents. Discussion: Subpage structure--separate overview and introduction
  • Images are loaded to Wikimedia commons, and accessed from there. Discussion: Notes on the draft module 1
  • The names of works of art are italicized.
  • The WE course materials are designed to include a work of art on the page, in preference to linking to it. If the existing work of art is unavailable due to copyright, a similar work of art is substitute, if possible. If a substitution is not available, the link is kept. discussion, decision