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How I Became a WikiEducator

Slightly more than one year ago, I joined WikiEducators around the world in achieving our ambitious goal developing a free and open education curriculum for the world by 2015.

To start things off, I attended WikiEducator's 1st Tectonic Shift Think Tank at the Commonwealth of Learning (April 11-13, 2007) that brought together an international group of thought leaders to explore technical options for the young wiki site.

While it was intimidating to be among such techno-folks, I also found them to be surprisingly open and receptive to my contributions about the importance of building 'Community' - of engaging and retaining current WikiEducators, and reaching out to future WikiEducators in line with their particular interests.

After this 3-day meeting, I realized that I could use my talents in organization development, marketing, communications and network-collaboration to help the WikiEducator Community innovate and include others in a sustainable way. Professionally, I am specifically interested in projects that build capacity, leverage relationships and results, improve performance and lead to smooth implementation within communities, networks, alliances and consortia.

I then decided to devote one hour a day to support the growth of the Community, and the rest, as they say, is 'history'.

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