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The Warrington Way-daring to be different



To create a curriculum that reflects our charter goals and meets the needs of our Warrington community

Curriculum Components

Education Today Issue 3, 2008 Term 2

We recognise that the below pedagogies and strategies are not mutually exclusive, and that some combination of them was likely to prove most effective

Progressive Education

Attending to the whole child - is concerned with helping children become good learners and people

Community - children learn with and from one another in a caring community, and that’s true of moral as well as academic learning

Collaboration - progressive schools are characterized by a “working with” model

Social justice - a sense of community and responsibility for others

Intrinsic motivation - the effect on students’ interest in learning, their desire to continue reading, thinking, and questioning is considered when setting educational policies and practices

Deep understanding - facts and skills do matter, but only in a context and for a purpose

Active learning - in progressive schools, students play a vital role in helping to design the curriculum

Taking kids seriously - taking a cue from the students and being attentive to differences among them

So what is intelligence anyway?

NZ Curriculum Objectives

Working together with the NZC



The Arts


Social Science

Warrington School's Local Curriculum Goals

Assessment - NAG 1c

Informative Video

  1. Who are not achieving
  2. Who are at risk of not achieving
  3. Who have special needs1
  4. And aspects of the curriculum which require particular attention

Pupil Assessment Data

Converting scores/stanines to the above stanine 9,8 = above, 7,6,5 = at,  4,3 below and 2,1 well below
Converting this to scores out of 100 = 90, 80 = above, 70,60,50 = at,  40,30 = below and 20,10 = well below

School Systems

Teaching and learning plans

Learning Sequence

Sequential, linear versus random, spontaneous. Needing further contributions.

Open Appraisal

Teacher Appraisal

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